knife edge dining table

Knife Edge Dining Table in Oxidized Maple with matching chairs 38x96x29h

Stainless Steel Bow Tie base

This dining table and chair set is all made from a single maple log that I had custom milled. I do this to control the color in my oxidization process. I specify a "through and through" cut on my logs, which is not the typical method for milling maple. This style, which mills the log in parallel cuts from top to bottom, gives me both quarter sawn and flat sawn grain patterns, which are both highlighted in this set.

The table has a "knife edge" on the long sides and a 45 degree bevel on the ends, to lighten the piece.

The base is a matte polished stainless steel. Custom bases and sizes available.

  • knife edge dining table
  • knife edge dining table
  • knife edge dining table

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