the obsession bar

The obsession bar was created for ICFF 2017, and it was truly my obsession for a good six month stretch. It was inspired by an amazing 36" drop of claro walnut that I had left over from a table I made. I had recently set up to cut my own veneer in house up to 25" wide, so I sliced the slab into enough veneer to make the doors, book matched vertically and horizontally. (this is why there is a horizontal dividing line) Of course it would be possible to make with out the horizontal line.

The scale of the piece was determined by those doors, and this is where the obsession began. I have always wanted to make an over the top bar cabinet, and this was the opportunity. I then came up with the harebrained idea of making the doors open at the touch of a button. Anyone could spend $1000 and order a Blum servo driver door system, but oh no, I had to go analog. The doors open by the touch of a button on the side that triggers a complex system of levers and spring loaded catches, cable systems connect to the spring-loaded, hydraulically dampened opening mechanism... simple stuff...

Standard cabinet hinges are another pet peeve of mine, I have been making my own hinges for quite some time, but this one required an especially specific style. So I created a nearly invisible full overlay pivot hinge.

Then the interior is detailed with brass and leather accents. Of course this piece is as custom as it comes, I welcome the challenge of designing a piece to suit your needs.

  • the obsession bar
  • the obsession bar

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